Sherlock : Texts
Short fiction about Molly's and Sherlock's friendship after last episode. Possible spoilers!
Hope you're gonna like it :)

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Sherlock - Błędy w czerwieni 004
No i zapomniałam tutaj zapostować, a specjalnie kończyłam przed Nowym Rokiem, żeby było przed premierą. Damn. Cóż. W takim razie jest teraz. Mam nadzieję, że się spodoba, życzę miłej lektury i powodzenia z 2012!

Uwaga - tona aluzji seksualnych, trolling, więcej trollingu i jak zwykle całe mnóstwo nawiązań kulturalnych. Bo jak mogłabym się bez nich obejść?

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Sherlock : The Baby 5+1
Once again beta was great juliacarmen

5 unacceptable names for baby and 1 which was just perfectCollapse )

Sherlock : The Doctor
Mini-fic time!
Beta - amazing : juliacarmen

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Sherlock - Błędy w czerwieni 003
O mój Godtissie. Świat się kończy. Trzeci rozdział.
Potrzebiwałabym do niego ikonki z trollem, ale nie chce mu się szukać i zmieniać.
So. Yea.
Macie i cieszcie się!

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Sherlock : Part-Time Job
 I've made this one after seeing Spoiler PhotoCollapse ) for second series of SHERLOCK.
Cracky story, bated by awesome stupidmuse_hate ! Thank you so much for your work once again!

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Sherlock : Million Reasons
Short fluffy story for Duod (dA, tumblr), who is awesome and all her 'Sherlock' fan arts are for me, so I felt like I need to do something for her!

Romantic, fluffy, warm, etc, etc, etc and now we all should scream "YAY!"

Beta was amazing juliacarmen . Thank you so much for your help and for all advices!

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Sherlock : Greenwich (Very first fanfic in English!)
 Ok, this is my very first fanfiction in English. I'm... nervous.

I wrote it only to put two quotes from two other shows in one fanfiction. Yea. I know. So lame. So. Anyway... I hope there will be anyone who would like this one.
For ellie_hell ! Because I wouldn't write it without her!

GreenwichCollapse )

I'm after two horrible days in a row. And I know that upcoming days wont be any better.
God, I need a hug.

Also - I'm trying to write short fic in English! FSM, help me with your awesome tentacle-bolognese power. It's about... shorts. Or it should be about shorts. But I'm in drama-mode so... it could be about anything. Even a death-fic with GLaDOS or Robot Unicorn Attack in the background.
I'm serious. I would create something like this.

And I was watching Fiddler on the Roof yesterday. Now I can't stop thnking about old!Sherlock and old!John, who are singing Do you love me. Again. It was time when I've been thinking about this song as a BGM for them. It was all fox_says  fault. I love you, darling. Ignore me <3

Icons (Also my very first post in English)
Holy crap! My first post in English. I'm... quite nervous. I'm not even sure if anyone not from Poland is going to comment it.

Yesterday I decided that I should change my icons. I deleted most of them and posted new ones. My new main icon became picture of a cake from Portal. And then it starred.
I went to kink-meme and prompted S/J fic with Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" in the background. After a quick chat with an anon - who I'm watching when she (?) is not... annoning - it came out that she didn't recognize me... without my NPH icon. And apparently she did filled some prompt I've posted earlier.
Anyway. I was all "What the... Is NPH kind of my 'trade mark'?" and when I thought of this, then... Yea. He is. I think that for almost a year I have NPH icon on dA, here were few of his photos. I love 'Sherlock' with all my heart but in some wicked way I've never had so much icons with them as with NPH. Dunno, maybe because 'Sherlock' is... darker? I mean - I like when I can see something on icons and face it - NPH has amazing photos! His face is just... perfect.
So yeah. Now I have bunch of NPH in my 'icon gallery', one with guys from Bad Horse Chorus and two with OldSpiceGuy (I've watched new commercial yesterday and I needed to create something with that guy! Christ! I'm a lesbian and I love that guy. If I were a fan of fan fiction with real people my wet dream would be - NPH, Cumberbatch, Freeman, Scott, Depp and Old Spice Guy - known as Isaiah Mustafa - in one bed!). And one Sherlock. I think I need more space for icons or/and more from BBC. It's quite possible that Sherlock is lonely. You know - since now John is always around.

Also - I'm thinking of writing something short in English, but I'm too scared to try...

I don't even want to know how many mistakes are in this post. Kill me.


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